5 Time Saving Email Techniques for Outlook Users

You’ll spend an believed 520 hrs this year on email. Why not make the most of your programs? Listed below are 5 quick suggestions to be productive with Microsoft Outlook 2007.

  1. Turn Off Desktop Alerts

It takes typically four minutes to recuperate when depressed by an e-mail alert. Accumulate, 30 emails every day at four minutes each equals 2 hrs of wasted time!

This is how to exhibit in the email alerts: Round the Tools menu, click Options. Round the Preferences tab, click E-mail Options, then click Advanced E-mail Options.

  1. Set Rules

How to make it happen: Create a Rule in the message, right-click the message that you’d like to base the rule on, then click Create Rule. Using this window you could make a variety of rules based on email address contact information or subject. See the “Advanced Options” button for further rule options.

  1. Use AutoCorrect to right away complete frequently typed information.

This really is really exactly the same feature that instantly corrects “their” to “their”. You’ll be able to put it to accomplish entire areas of text including graphics.

How to make it happen: Pick the text you should utilize. Visit Tools – Options Mail Format Tab – Editor Options – Proofing- Auto Correct Options.

  1. Quickly Create a New Task or Appointment

How to make it happen: Simply drag the e-mail into Tasks or Calendar in the base left side in the screen.

  1. Personalize your Views

This is fantastic for switching your email or task view.

How to make it happen: View – Current View – Custom or (Personalize Current View)

About: Erin Hoffman can be a Productivity Specialist as well as the president of Optimum Productivity. She helps busy professionals and firms save hrs each week by showing them cost save your time and email strategies.

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