CloudCC – The Answer to Your Management Problems at Work

What is CRM?

CRM refers to customer relationship management, which is the technique used by most companies, both big and small, to give them a better understanding of their customers. This method mainly analyses the history of customers to provide information to the companies that can help them to potentially boost their sales.

This concept was popularised in 1997 by companies such as Gartner and IBM. Nowadays, it has become an essential part of any business venture to have effective CRM software which helps the firm to establish a productive consumer experience.

There are various types of customer relationship management:

  • Strategic CRM – Focuses on developing a customer-centric business center.
  • Operational CRM – Mainly focuses on the sales force, marketing, and service automation to build a proper client-company relationship.
  • Analytical CRM – This system focuses on already available customer data and uses pattern recognition systems to analyze and decode the data to provide effective solutions.
  • Collaborative CRM – Collaborative CRM will incorporate external stakeholders and third-party systems and will share customer information across groups and organizations, which help collectively, help to understand client nature.

Most companies use CRM software for their customer analysis. There are many software available in the market which helps companies, especially small businesses to manage their relationships with their customers. There are several free CRM tools available in the market which can be accessed easily.

One such free CRM software is CloudCC. CloudCC is a customer management enterprise with a customizable platform. It has been serving over 1 lakh companies in more than 6 industries, for the last 10 years. It provides a wide range of services such as faculty management, career guide and also business management.

It is a free tool and can be accessed from mobiles and laptops alike, which makes it all the more convenient. CloudCC has a customizable platform and stresses on customer analysis mainly. It provides quality services in all the fields, providing you with work management for faculty, career counseling and customer analysis in business. CloudCC is the best answer for all of your customer-related problems.



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