Exciting facts and uses of cartons


  • Cartons are essentially made of paper alone. This makes it an eco-friendly product where biodiversity is maintained.
  • It is also easy to be transported since the cartons can be folded, taking up less space, ensuing in the use of fewer vehicles and resulting in less greenhouse emissions.
  • They are lightweight and an efficient way of packing high-density liquids.
  • Regardless of the size, cartons have a universal quality of recyclability.


  1. Instead of spending a small fortune on laundry baskets, invest in cardboard boxes. You can always dispose of old ones whenever the need arises.
  2. They can be converted into playthings for children like makeshift cars. Yes, we admit its not a high-tech device but there is great joy in embracing simple things.
  3. Buildings: You could collect cardboard boxes of various sizes to create forts and palaces.
  4. Big folder: You could stack away office documents, stationery, legal documents, school or college reports, family photo albums and a host of other material. It can be exacerbating to look for little slips of paper or pocket note-books in every nook and corner of the house. Do yourself a favor and place them in one big box!
  5. Recycling bin: Isn’t it odd to spend money on a container when a cardboard box can be easily turned into one? You’ll be doing away with plastic bins and the world will thank you for it.
  6. Car supplies: Oil, cables, rag, windshield washer, etc. can all be stacked in a box and put away in the trunk.
  7. Gifts: Just use an old box for wrapping a gift. What’s more? You’ll be saving a few extra bucks on additional packing.
  8. Pet bed: Cats especially love to snuggle up in a box. Any box! Just make it cozy with a soft blanket and a pillow. Its low-budget and your pet will love it.
  9. Nostalgic memories: Greeting cards, postcards, and letters can be safely kept in a shallow carton.
  10. Litter box: The perfect place for your animal to relieve itself. Granted, it’s not a pretty sight but it does the job.
  11. Signs: It can be used in the making of signboards.
  12. Theater: You can create your own make-believe theater.
  13. Storage: Stating the obvious here. Companies like Netpak product packaging deals in boxes and print design.
  14. Fancy dress competition: On occasions like Halloween, cardboard boxes can be turned into a giant wrapping box. It can also be used to make props.

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