Know The Difference Between A Man Made Diamonds Vs Moissanites

When one is on the lookout for time and alternatives, they come across terms like man-made diamonds and moissanites. These two yes might be a bit confusing until and unless the customers are able to learn lab made diamonds and moissanites.  Both of them are great options to natural diamonds. However, one is required to be well aware of the man made diamonds vs moissanites. This will help them in making better choices in the days to come. This will help to get an idea about which gemstone fits your budget and if its most appropriate for you and your girl.


The color of a lab grown diamond is permanent whereas that of a moissanite isn’t. It is very important for one to be able to get hold of one such diamond that not only looks good but is also able to be a lifetime gift for your partner. In fact, these rings can be passed on to generation after generation only if it’s is able to be stored properly. The thermochromics present in a moissanite leads them to change their color under extreme heat. If you are taking a moissanite it is very important for you to ask the jeweler about how to take care of it.


The range of lab grown diamond colors ranges from colorless to very colorful. One will be able to easily find a color lab diamond in any of the shops. Even if their preferred color diamond is not available, preorder will ensure that we get what they are looking for. However in case of a moissanite, the case is a bit different. It can either be found in colorless or in shades of yellowish green. It doesn’t give the buyers much color options. So, choose wisely and accordingly.


The refractive index of a man made diamond is only 2.42 whereas that if a moissanite is 2.65. This makes the moissanite more shiner and brighter. The man made diamonds are able to reflect more brilliance than a moissanite. Shine is not everything, a diamond is also required to retain it’s brilliance and classiness and this can be found in a man made Diamond. Moisaanites reflect a rainbow effect which might look shinier but isn’t that great. One can easily say that the moissanite is a fake ring by its shine. This makes it important for one to select their ring smartly.


The sparkle of a man-made diamond is similar for all sizes. No matter whether you go for a bigger one or smaller one, you will get the same shine. However, that is not the case for a moissanite. Therefore, if you don’t want people to understand that the ring you are buying is fake, go for a smaller carat I’m case of a moissanite. This will help you to avoid that rainbow sparkle in the ring. Whichever ring you choose, make sure that it is the most beautiful and precious just like your girl. This will help you in pleasing her.

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