Looking For Travel Insurance? Here’s What You Should Keep In Mind

Panning for that long-awaited trip is exciting. Managing your visits, making an itinerary, collecting information about the place, getting all the essentials is fun and exhilarating.

Amidst all the preparations, one often forgets the essential thing – travel insurance. Last minute travel insurance may not give you too many choices and options to select from. Thus it is advisable not to ignore travel insurance when you are making preparations and reservations for your travel. Here are a few essential tips to keep in mind when searching for suitable travel insurance plans.

#1 Choose the plan based on the type of travel

When finding a suitable insurance cover, identifying and understanding the type of travel is crucial. It will help you in selecting appropriate coverage and avoid unnecessary and wasteful features.

Say, if your travel is for a business purpose, the primary focus will be on your gadgets and documents that you are taking along. At such instances, travel insurance with a baggage loss cover can come handy. On the other hand, when you are vacationing with your family, you can opt for travel insurance for senior citizens for the elder members. Since a vacation may involve a lot of travelling, make sure you purchase a loss of baggage cover to avoid any misplaced baggage loss. If you are an adventure junkie, make sure your policy provides adequate insurance coverage.

#2 The frequency of your travels

You can either buy travel insurance plans for a single journey or more than one. Thus, if you are a student going abroad for higher education, student travel insurance will come handy. If your travels are more frequent and often, multi-trip travel insurance will be the better choice for you.

#3 Coverage for your destination

What seems like an obvious point is often overlooked when selecting a travel insurance policy. Not all policies cover all places. Make sure to check if your travel plan has coverage for your destination. If you want to avoid the hassles of coverage, opt for a global policy, but make sure you check the other terms and conditions like sub-limits for these plans.

#4 Exclusions of the policy cover

The scope of your policy is what you need to know, but familiarise yourself with exclusions too. Some common exclusions of a travel insurance policy are as follows-

  • No medical coverage is provided due to self-inflicted injuries like suicides.
  • No travel insurance cover is provided when the intention of travel is to seek medical treatment.
  • If you are advised not to travel by a medical professional, your travel insurance plan does not provide coverage for such expenses.
  • Lastly, if the weather at your destination is already bad, these conditions are not covered under your travel insurance policy. On the other hand, if there is a sudden change in weather conditions, you can make a claim for losses.

Staying aware of these tips will help you select an appropriate travel insurance cover to ensure you have a safe and worry-free trip. Thus think twice and make the right choice when planning your next travel adventure.

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