How To Take Artistic Photography

There will probably be no closed answer in this article because in art, there are never closed answers. It all depends on millions of factors, personal perceptions, historical moment, social context and on the ability or natural sensitivity of each one.

What you must be clear to start with is the artistic intent of your work. That is, you have to think about what we want to transmit with our image, you have to feel it, analyze it, imagine it, make the adjustments you need to achieve it and, take the photo, and finally finish up the editing with

Where To Start


As you get carried away by your more artistic side, you will realize how the knowledge of your camera together with the knowledge of the exposure triangle (among others) will help you to capture your ideas with good results.

The Aperture Of The Diaphragm And Depth Of Field: They are essential when we want to highlight through the focused area a certain part of the scene, be it a little or a lot, and to control the amount of light that we will let pass through the lens.

Shutter Speed: To freeze or let motion flow, you have to learn how to work with this parameter. Its possibilities are as many as your imagination.

The Measurement Mode Of Exposure: An image changes radically depending on the use we make of the existing light.

The shooting mode: Your automatic camera can’t capture and capture the idea you have in mind. So in this type of images, we strongly recommend that you work in manual.

In short: the camera must be at the service of the photographer, yours, like a brush is at the service of a painter. That is, it is only a tool to achieve your goal.

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