Tips To Make More People Patronize Your Filling Station

The business of petroleum is indeed a lucrative one. Many believe it is a business for the rich, and that is, in fact, true. This is because of the huge amount of money it requires in investment before it finally comes alive. With such a huge investment, it won’t just be fair enough that one still can’t get enough people to patronize the firm. This shouldn’t scare you off, though. If in your filling station, people can buy kerosene Yorkshire, then you are indeed on the right path. If you need more people to patronize your filling station, then follow the tips below:

  • Site your filling station in the right place: before you even proceed to set up a filling station in any area, you must first do a feasibility study. Such study will let you know whether your service is needed in such an area. One of the factors you should consider is the population of the area you want to site your filling station. If you want it in a residential area, then, ensure that there’s a high population of people who will be needing your products. If on the other hand, you want it sited by highways, then be sure there are enough vehicles passing through the route.
  • Offer promo: you can introduce a form of promo to get people’s attention to your filling station. For instance, you can put up a bike in your filling station to be given out to the person who patronize you most. When people notice this, they always want to win. Hence, they all begin to troop into your filling station competing to win the gift.
  • Truthfulness is key: you must ensure that your staffs are trustworthy. They must sell exactly the quantity of petroleum a customer demands to purchase. If people notice that staffs in your filling station are trustworthy, you’ve given them a reason to keep coming again and again.

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