What Are The Best Ballpoint Gel Pens That You Can Use?

People of different generations and different age groups, tend to make use of pens for writing at some point of time. Whether you manage a household, a stationery store or a school for children, you will always need pens for various purposes. However, buying the best quality ballpoint pens and gel pens can make all the difference.

How would you like your pens to write? 

  • Make sure that your pen writes in bold shades and have prominent colors. Writing should be clearly readable. If you buy ballpoint pens, you should make sure that its ink should be viscous and should dry up fast. The ink, however, shouldn’t blot, thereby making it tough for you to turn pages. 
  • If you specialize in calligraphy, drawing or painting then you might as well prefer to get pens of varying colors like orange, yellow, fluorescent, and green and not just the regular red, blue and black colors. You might as well have a collection of the pen with aluminum sparkles ink as they make the text look bright and flashy. 
  • Pen’s construction and features are equally important. You should be aware if your pen has a solid exterior. In most pens, the writing sphere is made of tungsten, brass or steel. Ink cartridges including the body and spring can be made of brass or aluminum as well.  The plastic materials such as vinyl, resins or thermoplastic are mostly used for manufacturing of the push buttons, ink cartridges, and cap. The ball pen manufacturing companies ensure that their pens are made out of durable materials and they last longer. 
  • Safety is an important factor in using the ballpoint gel pens as they might smear while being transported and this even happens with fountain pens that especially tend to smear and leave ugly marks on your dress and pockets. 

What are the features you should be looking while buying ballpoint gel pens? 

  • Your pen should be affordable and it should write smoothly and shouldn’t smear on the paper or your dress. 
  • A good quality pen can make all the difference when you are writing an exam or creating a presentation. 

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