Which Countries are the Best for Dropshipping Wholesale Patio Furniture?

Although all households around the world shop for furniture, not all regions are profitable for large-scale furniture sellers. Hence, dropshippers have to pick and choose the countries where they resell wholesale patio furniture. Obviously, you want to target regions with large populations. But the population alone isn’t the key deciding factor. The demand for patio furniture is high only in certain regions of the world. For instance, people who live in chilly areas typically don’t invest in patio furniture! There are a lot of metrics dropshippers use before setting up a targeted plan. Which countries qualify, and how? Here’s a brief assessment of the global market from the perspective of a furniture dropshipper –

Location and Culture

A population’s location and culture are intertwined. The market is driven by culture, and products need to be location-specific. For instance, Iceland is a cold country. So, for dropshippers heavy clothing is one of the best wholesale items to resell in Iceland. Similarly, the culture of using patio furniture is common in coastal regions. Countries like Australia and New Zealand are great targets for patio furniture dropshippers. Hence, your assessment of countries needs to incorporate these qualitative features of the population.

How easy is Transportation?

eCommerce depends on timely deliveries, and they are only possible in areas where there’s easy transportation. Patio furniture items are complicated products. They consist of several parts, each of them being delicate and heavy. So, the shipping costs for patio furniture items are relatively high. Hence, dropshippers need to target countries where both shipping and regulation costs are low. Once you start making time-efficient deliveries, your brand reputation will increase. As your website experiences an onslaught of patio furniture orders, you can start investing some of your profits into targeting countries where the furniture market isn’t as exciting. But for starters, stick to regulation-free countries that also offer low-cost transportation of heavy goods.

Social Media Culture and Openness to Online Furniture Shopping

Social media platforms act as free advertisement spaces for top drop shipping manufacturers. So, countries, where people are not ardent social media users, are harder to penetrate for individual dropshippers. The country also needs to be open to shopping for furniture on the internet. For instance, India has massive market potential, but furniture dropshippers don’t target this nation as most of the population prefers to buy furniture traditionally. Consider these key factors before setting up your furniture dropshipping business!


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